Trusts & Trust Funds For People in The North East

Trusts & Trust Funds For People in The North East

What is a Trust exactly? Originating from the time of the Crusades, Trusts were set up by wealthy landowners to ensure their affairs were managed by a Trusted person whilst they were away. Unfortunately, many did not return! However, they had the peace of mind that their estate would be passed on or divided according to their wishes: thanks to their foresight in Setting Up a Trust.

Trust Funds: Only for the Rich? Not so Today.

Trust Funds: Only for the Rich? Not so Today.

Different types of Trusts are widely used to protect, guide and provide for those whom we care about. As life in general has become more complex, Trusts have evolved to match new needs and head off potential injustices during your lifetime and after your death.

From Family Trusts to Gift Trusts or Home Protection Trusts, you will find Enigma’s Trust Law knowledge and guidance easy to understand and access here in the North East. 

Who YOU can Protect by Providing a Trust Fund?

 Who YOU can Protect by Setting Up a Trust?

  • Spouse
  • Partner
  • Children, step-children and Grandchildren
  • Financially Naive family or friend
  • Disabled Children and Vulnerable Relatives
  • Second marriage – life interest in family home
  • Charities – leave guidance in the use of a donation
  • Assist in providing for Care Home Fees
  • Protecting your home should you need long-term care
  • Protect against loss of assets to your beneficiaries through divorce, re-marriage or bankruptcy
  • Gifting to children- deposit for a house? Guard against loss in divorce/separation
  • As part of effective Estate Planning

 Two key areas of Trusts exist today as they did in the times of old – Trusts during lifetime and Trusts set-up on death. There are many types of Trusts and is   important to seek professional advice on which is relevant to your needs and situation.

 For more information and guidance on how Setting up a Trust can benefit you and those you care about please contact us directly and we will be happy to run through the options with YOU.

Do you have questions about:


  • Which Trust is right for ME?
  • Setting up a Trust?
  • Gifting to a family member during your lifetime?
  • Discretionary Trusts?
  • Who can be a Trustee?
  • Settlor interested Trusts?
  • Paying for education of a minor?
  • Property Portfolio Trusts?
  • Pension Trusts? 

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