Business Protection & Succession Planning for North East Enterprises

Too many northern businesses run into difficulties when plans are not put in place early. Get excellent protection advice at our Cramlington office!

Working hard to create and sustain a business may be hard yet very rewarding. Building a valued name with excellent products or services is at the core of your business. Should all of your hard work fail and collapse because you failed to put a Will in place? Make sure you give clear direction for what should happen with your business should you die.

DON’T assume all will be fine they will know what to do! Clear guidance in a Will on how to deal with your business assets from a plumbing firm to a multi-national supplier is invaluable to those that need to wind-up or sell on your business. Be considerate to those you are leaving behind and contact us now to put Business Succession Planning in place through your will.


  • What will happen to my business if I died suddenly ?
  • I have a business partner – What will happen to my share if I die?
  • How can I protect the whole business if my business partner dies?
  • My family aren’t interested in continuing my business what are my options if I die suddenly?
  • There isn’t enough cash in the business to buy my partner’s share if he died. What are the options?
  • Can a sale of the business be forced after my death?
  • I would prefer my business to be offered for sale to someone within my team before being sold on the open market?
  • How would the business continue if I died suddenly.
  • How can I protect the value of my business and hard earned customers if I died suddenly.

A professionally written Will and the use of Trusts are effective and efficient tools for dealing with your business.