A Will Writing Service for Families and Business Owners throughout the North East

 A Will Writing Service for Families and  Business Owners throughout the North East

 Every day 2000 people die in the UK and most of them leave their families without the guidance of a Will. 

 If you are 18 years or over now is the time to make your Will. The UK inheritance law lays down strict rules on how a person’s estate is divided if they have not made a legally valid Will. 

Common law partners and step-children have no automatic right to benefit from a Will. 

 This is as true in Morpeth as it is in   Sunderland! See the Rules of  Intestacy to learn more. Enigma’s professionally drafted Will Writing Service can protect not only your   wishes but the legacy you leave behind.

 The average cost of a Will is very small compared with the costs and emotional pressures of tying up your affairs after your death with no Will. 

More to Making a Will than Meets the Eye!

  • Making a Will is one of the most important personal decisions that you will make. Do not delay any longer contact us today from anywhere in England, Scotland or Wales.
  • Writing a Will is a very personal and important issue. Should a lifetime of work and choices be left for friends or relatives to decide upon? Will they follow your recommendations? Possibly not. Will the Courts remember a particular family item that was to be given to your close friend or a donation to charity that you always promised to make? The simple answer is NO.
    We have the freedom of choice as to who will inherit our possessions and assets in England and Wales and writing a Will ensures that these wishes are carried out.
    Sadly some marriages do end in Divorce or loss of a Spouse with assets intended for children lost through a second marriage? Protection can be found through writing a Will and the use of Trusts.
    Providing for your un-married partner through your Will ensures that they are financially catered for and may reduce the burden of Inheritance Tax.

Common Circumstances that have Been Avoided Through Enigma’s North East based Will Writing Service

  • Care Home costsin many cases have caused the sale of the family home; yet professional planning through your Will can reduce this risk.
  • Childrenwill inherit at the age of 18. Are they ready to manage the assets? Wishes in your Will can guide your Trustees on how and when the inheritance can be used.
  • Grandparentswould you like to skip a generation and leave what you have to your grandchildren?
  • Disabled or vulnerable relatives? Your Will can provide guidance and protection through Trustees that you have chosen and appointed.
  • Business Interests? Will your family or business partners be allowed to carry on? Are your business partners protected in the event of your death? A professionally written Will and the use of Trusts are effective and efficient tools for dealing with your business.
  • Widowed, Divorced, Change in Circumstances? Time to make a new will? Call us for a confidential discussion on your personal circumstances and whether there is a need to write a new Will.
  • 3 Years since you wrote your Will? Laws change and circumstances change. Take time to read over your Will. Is it Tax efficient? Would you like to make a change or update your executors or guardians?
  • Deed of Variationcan directly protect you if you have received assets from a Will within in the last 2 years. Call us now to find out more.

Business Owner or Business Partner in England, Wales or Scotland?

  • Are you a  business or a shareholder in a business?
  •  Will your family or business partners be allowed to carry on?
  • Are your business partners protected in the event of your death?
  • Are you protected should your business partner die suddenly?
  • Does your business qualify for IHT relief?
  • Ask about the benefits of effective Estate Planning for your business interests.

High Net Worth?

  • Are your total assets worth more than £325,000 (Budget 2021) as a single person or up to £650,000 (Budget 2021) for a Married Couple /Civil Partnership? Then Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning are important issue to discuss with us when considering your Will.
  • The related services that we offer dovetail into providing peace of mind that your estate is organised and protected for those whom will benefit from it in the future.

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