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Did you register a Lasting Power of Attorney or Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) between April 2013 and March 2017???

Yes! then you could be due a refund. The refund varies between £34.00 and £54.00 per LPA depending on when the LPA/EPA was registered. The payments are only received on application and will not be paid out automatically.
Why ? The Office of the Public Guardian or OPG, as it it is more commonly known, are a non profit making government department and a recent audit has shown a profit. As a result anyone who registered an LPA/EPA between the above dates can apply for a refund. If a fee remission was applied for then 50% of the refund will be received.
Refunds are generally taking 3 months from application to receipt of payment.
Deceased? If a person had registered an LPA/EPA between the above dates and since died the refund can be requested and paid to the Executor/Representatives.
Please call us to find out more and to use our REFUND SERVICE.
Typical payout ; Couple in Newcastle-upon-Tyne  registered their LPA’s in 2016 are due a refund of £180.00.
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